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July 1, 2022

Fellow Flight Crews and Americans,

As we celebrate the birth of this country and Independence weekend, we would like to bring you back to our founding fathers and the Constitution. Living in America and being an American are two very distinctively different things. Those who understand the difference know what it takes to be a true patriot to our country. I’ll be blunt, living in this country, which is the last bastion of freedom, and enjoying what She has to offer only gets us so far… and that’s where we are now. Being an American means understanding that this freedom we enjoy is not free. It is not just fighting for it in the battlefields, but understanding our Constitution and standing up for ourselves. The difference between our Constitution and others is that it is organized from the bottom-up, where your state representative holds the most power. If you don’t know who your state representative is or that you have a state representative, while unfortunately you are not alone, is the reason we are where we are. As a society, we have completely forgotten our Constitution. Do not feel ashamed though, this is not an accident, it is under attack and being removed from our educational systems and society purposefully. As a society, we have been distracted by so many unessential matters and making so many false idols that we fail to see the importance of our Constitution. Between Hollywood and the sports industry, it has all been used to distract us from doing our part in protecting our beautiful nation. While we have been preoccupied with sports and Hollywood idols, many people, on both sides of the aisle, have been working behind the scenes to slowly chip away at our Constitution over the past few decades. They have relied on us not knowing important aspects of our Constitution to get away with it.

There is also another side to this. Divide and conquer. The reality is that two thirds of our country is conservative or lean conservative with strong Constitutional ideals, and many of

them know much of this, however they feel unmotivated to take any action. The conservatives, who understand our Constitution, are filled with hate against the other side and vice versa. Major news outlets feed what each side wants to hear, but just enough to keep both sides divided, so that we are all arguing with each other. As long as we argue with each other, those in power can keep getting away with their slow chipping of the constitution. This division also becomes very demoralizing to much of the country where many don’t feel they can make a difference, even by just a simple vote, much less speaking to representatives.

The reality is far from the truth. This is a strategy worked on for decades very successfully and is why most people don’t even know they have a state representative. They show up to vote at the general elections for president and maybe their representatives when it has already been chosen at the primaries that most have missed. Whether you like the party or not, the primary elections are where the citizens can directly choose their representatives for their party. Most states will not let you vote unless you are registered for that party. This is where civic duty is important.

Civic Duty is the solution to taking back our country and far easier than many of you think. In fact, it's part of our constitution and our duty as citizens. We’ve been ingrained with the idea that we cannot make a difference. However, one person truly does and this is exactly how our country is designed to work; through our state legislature. Our state representatives are the closest form of representation as the founding fathers wanted it. The State has more power than the federal government and the state legislature has plenary power over much of each state’s laws, specifically pertaining to elections. Civic duty is when we, as the average citizen, use that power to speak directly to our state representatives and participate in those elections. State representatives work part time. This is by design

in order to be as closely tied to their district as possible. Civic duty is where each of us understand who our state representatives are and speak to them addressing our concerns. If we don’t speak to them, larger powers do, which many times don’t have our interests in mind. Civic Duty means not just vote, but educate yourself in all the elections, especially the local county elections and primaries. Know who is running, get to know those candidates and if you support them strongly, get involved or run for office!

Imagine the power if the majority of the country got involved with their local elections and those running. Imagine if the majority of the population spends time speaking to their local representatives. Would you think those representatives would have time to talk to larger special interest powers? No! And that is why these powers have spent vast time and resources to take away civics, constitutional history and other related subjects from school. It is why they spend time making us fight each other rather than speak to our representatives. They know that if just a few of us begin to connect with our representatives, they lose all their power and We, The People regain it. Being an American means that it is our Civic Duty to be involved in our local communities and be an educated electorate.

In the words of General Flynn,

“We’re here…as determined Americans, who love our country. And my message to you is VERY clear. WAKE UP AMERICA. On this date, we start the beginning of a NEW American century, a time where we turn our heads forward, with persistence and relentless focus, protecting our communities, our families, and our country. Our feet firmly planted on the ground to hold people accountable.

We should clearly define our enemies, face them head on, and defeat those that seek to defeat our country from within. IF WE LOSE freedom here, there is NO place to escape to. THIS IS THE LAST STAND ON EARTH.”

To find your local state group, click here. If you have any interest in becoming a State Director, please email Thank you so much for the kind donations so far!! It has helped on many projects.

If you are unable to assist or help by showing up in person, you can donate here. Be confident, your money will NEVER go to waste. We need as much help as you are able to provide. We are 100% volunteers and NONE of us will ever be able (nor do any of us want to) take a paycheck.

In humble service,

Philip Prada Florida Associate State Director

Tom Bogart Executive Director

Collin Darlington National Director

Kaye Angiel Board of Directors

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