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Move Freely America Newsletter

May 2022

Fellow Flight Crews and Americans,

This is the first installment of our monthly newsletter. As we have grown exponentially over the past few months, we find it important to bring in a monthly newsletter. We would first like to welcome you all to Move Freely America! We look forward to communicating with you more regularly in the future; providing a state by state highlight with a quick overview of our national progress.

Our mission statement:

“Move FREELY America is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization committed to uniting communities across America. It is focused on educating and restoring mobility nationwide. Citizens have the RIGHT to travel freely via their choice of interstate transportation as defined under the 14th Amendment - Privileges and Immunities Clause of the Constitution, without governmental abridgment. In the post-pandemic era, travelers are now facing increased restrictions on their travel freedom due to governmental mandates. These Federal mandates are forcing citizens to choose between one fundamental right in order to exercise their fundamental right to travel across state lines.

Move FREELY America’s primary aim is providing a platform to unite concerned Americans and empower them to stand together to pursue their ability to travel without fear of retribution. We are committed to keeping citizens and elected officials informed by disseminating timely and impending changes on regulations that infringe upon the rights of travelers.

To carry out our mission, Move FREELY America is committed to the Principles of Travel Freedom through: training and equipping our members with tools to share with their communities and statesmen. Getting involved by participating in local and state activities and events.

Move FREELY America is monitoring the Transportation & Infrastructure and Space sub committees to discern which representatives are informed and willing to uphold the values and freedom of travelers. Move FREELY America is a non-partisan organization that stands firm in the commitment to promote candidates and representatives dedicated to preserving the protections provided to move across state lines freely as outlined in the Constitution of the United States of America.”

During the summer of 2020, many conversations occurred between freedom loving flight crews. Those same conversations undoubtedly occurred within our families regarding the direction of the country and how it would impact our medical freedoms and many Americans in the future. As the COVID-19 therapies and treatments (some might call them vaccines) started rolling out, and the hospital protocols began to make themselves apparent, we quickly realized there was a glaring problem. As transportation professionals, that problem became very apparent that it was one we would have to face head on. The words “mandatory” and “required” became words to loathe very quickly.

Fast forward to the fall of 2021, a few pilots got together to form Move Freely America. As pilots, flight attendants, and aviation professionals, we have the distinct ability to travel quickly and freely between cities, states, and countries. We witnessed the VERY quick degradation of our freedoms in places all around this nation AND the world. Just like many parents, angered by mask mandates and possible “vaccine” mandates, it saddened us and drove us to fight. Fight for our freedoms. Fight for our childrens’ freedom. Fight for our grandchildrens’ freedom. Fight for what God gave us. We will NOT be controlled or manipulated by government elites or bureaucracy. As we fought alongside some of our brothers and sisters against woke and misguided corporations, we agreed that the long term goal would be protecting our futures by changing the law in every state.

Although born from aviators and flight crews, our brief history has seen exponential growth from many different professions; doctors, nurses, train conductors, engineers, teachers, and first responders just to name a few. What truly brings us together as Americans, is that we all share the desire to "move freely" without overreaching government mandates or laws. The fight is not in bullets and guns, but between the ears. They cannot take our will to fight. We are here to make sure that you bear fruit in your fight. The fight is in the hearts and minds of those we approach. There have been many lawsuits filed across the country trying to stop the tyrannical actions of a few; while sometimes effective, we truly embrace the concept of “local and state action equals national impact,” and we hope you do as well. We are in it for the long game, to change local and state laws, and possibly pass state constitutional amendments.

We are not a “top down” run organization. Rather, bottom up and completely open. We depend on local and state action. The State Directors have the freedom to make any and all decisions for the betterment of the state group. They merely coordinate and share ideas at the national level with other State Directors, National and Executive Directors, and Board. To date, there are 32 state groups. We hope to open groups in Missouri, Arkansas, and possibly Puerto Rico in the future. The largest state groups are Florida, Texas, Nevada, and California with Arizona, Tennessee, New Mexico, and Michigan closely trailing in size. As many of you know, each state's political landscape is unique and must be approached differently. That is where the State Directors (SDs) roles come into play. The State Directors are self-motivated team builders that encourage and lead the way. Many of the SDs have already formed coalitions with other major freedom groups in their respective states.

While we are extremely pleased with the mask “mandate” being lifted across the nation by the Hon. Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, we are monitoring the appeals process by the CDC and DOJ. We should not let our guard down at any time. Our medical freedom must be fought for at all costs. Now is the time to continue to ride the wave of change.

In the words of Ken Davenport (a Move FREELY America member and candidate running for District 35 for Florida House Representative), “Many of you may not be aware of your state’s current medical quarantine laws. For example, in Florida, the state health officer can legally quarantine Floridians under FS381 almost at will during the next “health emergency!” When Gov. DeSantis leaves office, you don’t suppose his predecessor would use ready made authoritarian laws to take absolute control?!? In order to be effective, together we must; 1) fight for medical freedom laws at the State level by talking with your representatives, 2) help medical freedom candidates take office and fight tyranny on our behalf, 3) reassert states rights and state sovereignty in order to protect against future federal authoritarianism, 4) fight against any type of vaccine or treatment passport system that would limit free movement and commerce.”

In the words of General Flynn, “We’re here…as determined Americans, who love our country. And my message to you is VERY clear. WAKE UP AMERICA. On this date, we start the beginning of a NEW American century, a time where we turn our heads forward, with persistence and relentless focus, protecting our communities, our families, and our country. Our feet firmly planted on the ground to hold people accountable.

We should clearly define our enemies, face them head on, and defeat those that seek to defeat our country from within. IF WE LOSE freedom here, there is NO place to escape to. THIS IS THE LAST STAND ON EARTH.”

To find your local state group, click here. If you have any interest in becoming a State Director, please email

Thank you so much for the kind donations so far!! It has helped on many projects. If you are unable to assist or help by showing up in person, you can donate here. Checks or money orders made to Move Freely America can be mailed to 14243 Proton Rd. Farmers Branch, TX 75244.

Be confident, your money will NEVER go to waste. We need as much help as you are able to provide. We are 100% volunteers and NONE of us will ever be able (nor do any of us want to) take a paycheck. If Move FREELY America is dissolved for some reason, any leftover monies will be donated to a credible freedom loving cause.

In humble service,

Tom Bogart

Executive Director

Collin Darlington

National Director

Kaye Angiel

Board of Directors

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