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'Build Back Better' Means HIGHER Gas Prices & Mandates | Guests: Troy Eckard & Tom Bogart | Ep 538

November 4, 2021

Chad Prather Show

Tom Bogart - Founder of SWFF talks about Mask Mandates (20:20)

When President Biden says "Build Back Better," what does that really mean? Troy Eckard, CEO of Eckard Enterprises LLC, joins to discuss the future of oil and gas. Also Tom Bogart, founder of SW Freedom Flyers, gives us an update on blah blah mandates for pilots. SW Freedom Flyers is a freedom advocacy group of Southwest Airlines employees leading the charge against mandates. Will this make a change? A California nurse was denied a religious exemption, and she was escorted out of the hospital for not getting the blah blah. A couple went to Disney and people were OFFENDED because of the shirts they were wearing in the park, to the point that park guests wanted them to be banned from Disney. Can we not joke any more?

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